The Invited Speakers and the Title of their Presentations (Under Construction)

Aida Bani, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

  • The phytomining of nickel from serpentine and ex- industrial site of Albania

Norbert Brandsch, GEOKLOCK, Brazil

  • TBA

Doug Carvel, MECX, USA

  • TBA

José Luis R. Gallego, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

  • TBA

Irene Güell, CTM Centre Tecnologic, Spain

  • The assessment of the bioavailability of metals through ingestion and inhalation pathways

Jennifer Hellal, BRGM, France

  • Microbial molecular and isotopic biomarkers of chloroethene (PCE, TCE, DCE, CV) biodegradation to evaluate natural attenuation contaminated plumes: which added value?

Stephan Hüttmann, Sensatec GmbH, Germany

  • Sophisticated in-situ-technologies to address contaminants in complex geological structures – remediation in fractured bedrock and layered aquifers (To be presented at CSME-2018)
  • Targeted solids emplacement (TSE) for in-situ chemical oxidation in contaminated clay and silt structures (To be presented at EORT-2018)

Vladimir Jirku, University of Chemical Technology, Czech Republic

  • Rhamnolipids for biosurfactant – amended bioremediation.

Sébastien Kaskassian, Tauw France SAS, France

  • Remediation of TPH contaminated sludge: biotreatment enhanced by rhizodegradation

Katrin Mackenzie, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research-UFZ, Germany

  • TBA

Nicolas Pucheux, INERIS, France

  • Ecological risk assessment – case studies – application of the soil quality TRIAD approach

Daniel F. Schneider, Terracon, USA

  • TBA

Manfred Seyfarth, Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH, Germany

  • Weighable lysimeters – a perfect tool to observe phytoremediation processes in undisturbed soil columns

Marie-Odile Simonnot (Chairperson) , Loraine University, France

  • TBA

Cristina Valhondo, Spanish National Research Council , Spain

  • TBA

Gerben van den Berg, Tencate Geosyntics Netherlands BV, The Netherlands

  • Contaminated sediments, a matter best buried!