Topics to be Covered

This International Conference is designed to bring together interested professionals from universities, research institutions and industries to exchange information, views, experiences and perspectives. It presents the most current findings generated at the laboratories of universities and research institutions, as well as in the field by the practitioners. Abstracts are being solicited in the following areas:

New Photocatalytic Materials

1) Novel aspects of catalyst preparation, doping and co-doping
2) Broadening the spectral range of TiO2: Visible-light active TiO2 catalyst
3) TiO2-sorbent combination (TiO2/Carbon, TiO2/Cement, etc)
4) Novel synthetic methodology for the preparation of nanostructured photocatalysts
5) Novel photocatalytic materials, such as metal-free hotocatalysts (i.e., g-C3N4), plasmonic photocatalysts, TiO2 based materials, TiO2 composites with carbon based materials (carbon nanotube, graphene, fullerene…)
6) Perovskites
7) Novel supports for photocatalysis
8) Characterization

Advances in Photocatalysts

1) Water treatment
2) Air treatment
3) Indoor air purification
4) Disinfection and medical application

Fundamental Investigations

1) Mechanistic Studies
2) Engineering and modeling
3) Anti-corrosion effects
4) Photocatalytic lithography
5) Lateral and remote oxidation
6) Microchemical systems
7) Process Integration
8) Photoefficiencies – definitions, values and misconceptions

Advances in Applications of Photocatalysis

1) Solar applications
2) Hydrogen production from water splitting
3) Dye sensitized solar cells
4) Fuel Cells
5) Clean photocatalytic chemical processes
6) TiO2-based sunscreens
7) Biomedical surface applications

Technological and Commercial Issues

1) Standardization in academic research and for commercial products
2) Technology transfer
3) Integration of photocatalysis with other technologies
4) Toxicology of nanomaterials
5) Intellectual property, patents
6) The management and economy of TiO2 photocatalytic processes