The Scope of the Conference

The application of oxidation and reduction technologies for treatment of soil and groundwater is a rapidly growing area of remediation technologies.  These technologies are effective in treating both organic and inorganic contaminants, which offer the possibility of rapid and inexpensive treatment.  Some of these technologies have been rapidly accepted as site remediation options, and have been applied in a variety of sites in North America and in Europe. 

The research, development, commercialization and field application of these technologies have also been attracting increasing attention from industry, academia and government research laboratories in Europe.  New oxidation and reduction processes continue to be developed.  Consequently, the communication of the recent results of European leaders from academia, government research laboratories and industry is urgently needed to accelerate the technology transfer and the commercialization processes of European oxidation and reduction technologies. ORTs-2018 is intended to communicate these results.

To increase the networking of European professionals with North American and Asian professionals, experts from leading environmental companies and academic research groups from Europe, North America and Asia are invited to present their work in ORTs-2018.  Other interested parties are also encouraged to participate.