Scope of the Conference

There has been remarkable progress in the fields of photocatalysis and solar energy conversion over the past four decades. The research, development, demonstration and commercialization in these two principal fields have attracted global interest from academia, government research laboratories and industry. In recent years, engineering firms have been paying considerable attention to these developments. Accordingly, a conference that covers and merges recent developments in photocatalysis and solar energy conversion is urgently needed. To this end, the “22nd International Conference on Semiconductor Photocatalysis and Solar Energy Conversion (SPASEC-22)” is being organized with principal objectives to bring together interested parties from universities, research institutions and industry to exchange information, views, experience and perspectives. This conference will present the most current findings generated at laboratories of Universities and Research Institutions, as well as in the field by the practitioners.

Abstracts are being solicited in the following related areas:

1) Semiconductor Photochemistry, Photoelectrochemistry and Photocatalysis, in particular for Environmental Applications: Water Treatment, Air Treatment, Self-cleaning, Disinfection, Anti-corrosion Effects, etc.

2) Development of Materials and Nanomaterials: Photocatalyst Preparation, Doping and Co-doping, Spectral Range Broadening for Solar Application, Photocatalyst-sorbent combination, novel supports for photocatalysts, etc.

3) Molecular and Nanostructured Solar Cells

4) Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Fuel Cells

5) Solar Fuel Production: e.g. H2, CH4, etc.

6) Dynamics of Photo-Induced Energy and/or Electron Transfer

7) Fundamental investigations into Semiconductors and Nanostructures: Mechanistic Studies, Modeling, Microchemical Systems, etc.

8) Biomedical Applications of Semiconductors: Sunscreens, Photodynamic Therapy, Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials, etc.

9) Technological, Environmental and Commercial Issues: Standardization, Technology Transfer, Life Cycle Assessment, Intellectual Property, Management and Economics

10) Process Development: Integration of Photocatalysis with other Technologies, Photocatalytic Lithography