The Invited Speakers and the Title of their Presentations 

(More invited speakers will be added)

Mr. David F. Alden, P.E. Tersus Environmental, USA

Mr. John Allen, Technical Services Manager, CETCO – Americas, USA

  • Summary of Recent University Research for the Use of Fluoro-Sorb® Adsorbent Media as A Flow Through Remediation Media for PFAS Compounds

Dr. Francisco Barajas, EIT, Engineer, Gulf/Southwest Region-Texas Area, AECOM, USA

    • Bench-Scale Evaluation of PFAS Removal from Landfill Groundwater by Adsorptive Media Containing Biochar
• Bench-Scale Evaluation of 1,4-Dioxane Biodegradation Via Alkane Gas Mediated Cometabolism in the Presence and Absence of 1,1-DCE and 1,1-DCA

Dr. Harry Behzadi, VP Business Development North America, Environment, Health & Safety, SGS North America Inc., USA

   • The Next Frontier on PFAS Contamination, Sediment, Surface Water and Fish Tissue

Dr. Xiaosong Chen, PE, Director of Engineer & Design, GEO, Environmental Remediation Company, USA

   • Application of In Situ Thermal Treatment with Integrated Vapor Oxidation Technology on PFAS       and Chlorinated Contaminants Remediation      

P.E. James R. Dickson, Principal Engineer, CTI Companies, Cleveland, Wisconsin, USA

    • Per- and Polyfluoralkyl Substance (PFAS) Impacts of Stormwater Retention Ponds from        Emergency Fire Response at Recycling Center

M.Sc. Maureen Dooley, Director of Strategic Projects, Regenesis, USA

  • Colloidal Activated Carbon for in situ Remediation of PFAS: A Review of Multiple Case Studies

Dr. Sophia Dore, GHD, USA
     • Treatment of Mixed Chlorinated Solvents and 1,4-Dioxane in Groundwater – Testing of Two Biodegradation Strategies

Dr. Edward. G. Gatliff, President, Applied Natural Sciences, Inc., Ohio, USA

     • PHYTO-INTEGRATED® Remediation Systems to Address 1,4-Dioxane Contaminated Groundwater in Complex Aquifers in Florida and the Netherlands

Mr. Matt Geary, Technical Sales Manager, Environmental Products, CETCO / A Minerals Technologies Company, USA

  • Ex-Situ Remedy for PFAS Contaminated Groundwater and Drinking Water

Dr. Linda Hall, Senior Associate Toxicologist, GSI Environmental Inc, Oakland, CA, USA

     • A New Paradigm for Evaluating PFAS Toxicity in Human Health Risk Assessment

Professor Walter A. Illman, P.Geo., Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo, Canada

  • TBA

P.G. Caron Koll, Consultant, Antea Group, USA

  • TBA

Dr. Yasemin Kunukcu, Senior Technical Manager, TRC, New Jersey, USA

  • The Chemistry of PFAS and the Extent of Their Use
  • Treatment Technologies focusing on Pump & Treat Systems

Dr. Katrin Mackenzie, Scientist, Department of Environmental Engineering, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH – UFZ, Germany

  • PFAS Removal from Water by Adsorption, Oxidation or Coupling of Both?

Mr. Rick McGregor, President, InSitu Remediation Services Ltd, Canada

  • The InSitu Treatment of PFAS-Impacted Fresh and Saline Groundwater at Two Sites Using Colloidal Activated Carbon
  • The InSitu Treatment of Synthetic Musk Fragrances within Groundwater Using Colloidal Activated Carbon

Professor Ravi Naidu, CEO, CRC CARE, Australia

  • matCARETM: A Novel Technology for Efficient Remediation of PFAS Contaminated Wastewater and Soil

Dr. Paulo Negrão, CEO, Clean Environment Brasil, Brazil

  • TBA

P.E. Benjamin L. Porter, Process Engineer, Environmental & Sustainability APTIM, USA

  • Repurpose and Optimization of an Existing Groundwater Pump and Treat System for Removal of Perflouroalkyl Substances

P.E. Daniel Schneider, Vice President, National Director, Site Investigation and Remediation, Terracon, USA

  • Current Regulatory Developments Related to PFAS: What Do We Know Today?

Mr. Jack Sheldon, Senior Professional, Antea Group, USA

  • TBA

Dr. Ryan Thomas, GHD, USA

  • Bench-Scale Studies for PFAS-impacted Waters