Initial List of Invited Speakers

The following are initial samples of presentations that will be presented at the conference:

Kristen Freiburger, SHANNON & WILSON, USA

  • TBA

Kevin French, Vertex Environmental Inc., Kitchener, Ontario

  • Treating PFAS: A More Effective Approach to In-Situ Remediation

Rick McGregor – InSitu Remediation Services Ltd. St. George, Ontario, Canada
• The Use of Colloidal Activated Carbon for the In Situ Treatment of a PFAS Source Zone

Neal E. Megonnell, AqueouUS VETS, USA

  • TBA

Mohamed Odah, ART, Inc., Overland Park, Kansas, USA

The ART PFAS In-Well Remediation Technologies – Technical Concepts & Processes

Kent Sorenson – Allonia, Boston, MA, USA
•  TBA

Cathy Swanson – Purolite, Fullerton, California, USA
• Practical Guide to PFAS Treatment for both Potable and Polluted Water with Single-Use Ion Exchange Resin

Alex Kuvarega – Institute for Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability, University of South Africa

  • TBA

Terrane Walsh, MYCELX Technologies, Houston, Texas, USA

  • Remediation of PFAS  from Landfill Leachate and Ground water