The new deadline for the early registration is Friday, July 31, 2020

Method of Payment:

The registration fees are structured in Euro and USD for your convenience. We invite you to pay your registration fee through the website online with Shopify in USD or by bank transfer. 

Participants are also allowed to pay by cash for on-site registration only.


Early Registration *, **

Paid Before July 31, 2020

Standard Registration *, **

Paid After July 31, 2020

Student Attending with Supervisor***
€300.00 ($340 USD) Open €4000.00 ($450 USD)
Student Attending without Supervisor
€400.00 ($450 USD) Open €500.00 ($565 USD)
Invited Speaker
€500.00 ($565 USD) Open €600.00 ($675 USD)
Presenter (oral or poster)
€600.00 ($675 USD) Open €700.00 ($790 USD)
€700.00 ($790 USD) Open €800.00 ($900 USD)

* As in previous annual meetings, all participants, including the speakers, the members of the international organizing committees, and the sessions’ chairs are expected to register and pay their registration fees.
** The registration fee covers the technical sessions, hot lunches, reception, Banquet Dinner and the 8 coffee breaks
*** Students who attend along with their supervisors are entitled to €100 discount.