The deadline for the early registration is Thursday, January 31, 2019. The on-site registration starts on Wednesday, April 23, 2019 at 7:30 am.

Method of Payment:

The registration fee chart included below has been calculated in Euro and USD for your convenience.

We encourage you to pay your registration fee through the website online with Shopify in USD.

You can also pay your registration fee directly to us by either credit card (Visa, Master Card or American Express) or by bank transfers. Payments made by Visa will be converted, at our end, into equivalent US Dollars using the exchange rate of Bank of Canada. Payments made by a Master Card or an American Express Card will be converted, at our end, into their equivalents in Canadian dollars using also the exchange rate of Bank of Canada. As a result, depending on the fluctuation of the exchange rate and potential fees that your credit card financial institution may apply for the conversion, payments by credit card may turn out to be slightly higher than the actual amount stated on the registration form.

Participants are also allowed to pay by cash for on-site registration only.



Before January 31, 2019

After January 31, 2019

Invited Speaker/ Member of IOC
€450.00 ($510 USD) Closed €550.00 ($625 USD)  


€650.00 ($740 USD) Closed €750.00 ($850 USD)  


Platform Presenter/Poster Presenter
€550.00 ($625 USD) Closed €650.00 ($740 USD)  


Student (supporting letter is needed)
€350.00 ($400 USD) Closed €450.00 ($510 USD)