Invited Speakers

The following are initial samples of presentations that will be presented at the conference:

Jürgen Buhl – Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH, Essen, Germany
Sustainable Treatment Approach for Liquids with high PFAS Values

  • Immobilisation of PFAS – What happens under Stress Conditions?

Christopher Nelson – eMinus LLC, Castle Rock, Colorado, USA
In-Situ Treatment of PFAS in Groundwater and Other Tall Tales

Mohamed Odah, ART, Inc., Overland Park, Kansas, USA

  • The ART PFAS In-Well Remediation Technologies – Technical Concepts & Processes

Junboum ParkDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
• Sorption of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) contaminants from Aqueous Phase using Chitosan Beads

Peter Storch – Arcadis, Queensland, AU
• Foam Transition to Fluorine Free: Successful Strategies and Case Studies
• Facilitating In-Situ Abiotic Degradation of Trichloroethene in a Mixed Contaminant Groundwater Plume

Cathy Swanson – Purolite, Fullerton, California, USA
• Practical Guide to PFAS for both Potable and Polluted Water with Single-Use Ion Exchange Resin