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The deadline for the early registration is Monday, April 15, 2024.

Method of Payment:

The registration fees are structured in $US. We invite you to pay your registration fee through the website online with Shopify or by bank transfer.


**Registration will open on April 1, 2024.**

**Please be advised that there are 3 categories of registration fees for Invited Speakers :

1) In Person (attending or presenting at the conference in person)
2) Online (attending the conference virtually via Zoom)
3) Invited Speakers who are also attending SPEA-12


Early Registration *, **

Paid Before April 15, 2024

Standard Registration *, **

Paid After April 15, 2024

Student/Post Doc (In Person) €400 ($436 USD)    Closed €500 ($545 USD) Open
Student/Post Doc (Online) €250 (275 USD)      Closed €350 ($382 USD) Open
Invited Speaker (In Person)
€550 (600 USD)      Closed  €650 ($720 USD)  Open
Invited Speaker (Online) €300 (327 USD)      Closed €400 ($436 USD) Open
Invited Speaker also attending SPEA-12
(Discounted Rate)
*You must show proof of attendance of
SPEA-12 before purchasing this rate*
€400 (436 USD)     Closed €700 ($765 USD) Open
Presenter (Oral or Poster) €600 (656 USD)      Closed €700 ($765 USD) Open
Participant €650 (720 USD)     Closed €700 ($765 USD) Open

* As in previous annual meetings, all participants, including the speakers, the members of the international organizing committees, and the sessions’ chairs are expected to register and pay their registration fees.
** The registration fee covers the technical sessions, four hot lunches, Eight Coffee Breaks and one banquet dinner.