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About Us

Redox Technologies, Inc.

Redox Technologies Inc. (RTI) is a consulting firm that has been providing services on research and development on Advanced Oxidation Technologies in general and TiO2 Photocatalysis in particular, since 1992. RTI is operating from Western University Research Park ; It has also been organizing in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America a broad range of international environmental conferences. So far, we have organized over 115 International academic and industrial (remediation) Conferences around the globe. Specifically we organized these conferences in Canada, USA, Europe (France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia), Asia(Japan, Korea), South America( Colombia).

Brief Biography of Dr. Hussain Al-Ekabi

Dr. Hussain Al‑Ekabi is known internationally for his research, development, and commercialization of advanced oxidation technologies; for his leadership in promoting environmental science and technology issues through organizing international academic and industrial environmental conferences; and for his consulting services on Advanced Oxidation Technologies in general, and TiO2 Photocatalysis in particular.

Al-Ekabi earned a Ph.D. with excellent standing in Chemistry (Gibberellin Photochemistry) from the University of Baghdad in conjunction with the University of Martin Luther – Halle (Germany) in 1979 under joint supervision of Professor Ghazi Derwish (Iraq) and Professors Klaus Schreiber and Günter Adam (Germany). He then taught as a lecturer at the University of Baghdad for two years. In 1981, he moved to Mulheim, Germany where he worked with Professors Kurt Schaffner and Silvia Braslavsky on “Photophysics and Photochemistry of Bile Pigments” for two years at the Max-Planck Institute for Radiation Chemistry.

In 1983, he moved to London, Ontario, Canada where he worked on “Semiconductor Photochemistry” with the late Professor Paul de Mayo at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) for four years. This was followed by one year at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec (1987) where he worked on the “TiO2 Photocatalytic Water Treatment” with Professor Nick Serpone. At that point, his interest in research on TiO2 Photocatalysis for environmental applications was sparked.

In 1988, Al-Ekabi accepted the position of Director of Research and Development with Nutech Energy Systems, Inc. In this capacity, he was for five years leading an R&D team of six researchers to develop and commercialize two advanced oxidation technologies for the purification and treatment of contaminated water and air streams. Both technologies were successfully field tested. While at Nutech, he also kept a close collaboration with academia. This permitted him to remain up‑to‑date with academic research while he was directing the research, development, and the commercialization of environmental technologies at Nutech Energy Systems. During this period, two of his proposals submitted to the Site program of USEPA were funded with a total of US $600,000 over three years.

In 1992, Al-Ekabi was elected as a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

In 1993, Al‑Ekabi started Science & Technology Integration, Inc. (STI), which operated from the University of Western Ontario’s Research Park. STI was heavily involved in the Environmental Science and Technology of Advanced Oxidation Technologies for Treatment of Water, Air and Soil.

In 1994, Al‑Ekabi was appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario (UWO). Al‑Ekabi was a member of the research team for the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Forest Management in Alberta, where he represented UWO.

In 1995, Al‑Ekabi was the Founder and the Editor-in-Chief of the refereed Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies. This Journal was devoted to the science, engineering, and environmental applications of advanced oxidation technologies in general and TiO2 Photocatalysis in particular for the purification and treatment of water and air streams. Associated with Al‑Ekabi, in editing this Journal were four Associated Editors and an Editorial Board of twenty-five members. They were internationally renowned scientists and engineers from academic and highly prestigious research institutions from around the globe. Professors Detlef Bahnemann, Professor Jen shi Chang and Dion Dionysiou have kindly served as Editor-in-Chief after my term. That Journal was sold in 2016 to a Chinese Publisher.

In addition to his role as the Editor of the Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies, Al-Ekabi has been chosen for the past 35 years as a reviewer for many papers submitted to numerous journals in the environmental and the energy fields.

Al-Ekabi has also been consulting on science and technology strategy. He has also been consulting for several organizations on research, development, technology transfer and commercialization of various Advanced Oxidation Technologies.

Al-Ekabi has been participating in the review process of science and technology strategy for various countries, including Canada.  Al-Ekabi has also been involved in evaluating funding projects on science and technology for the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada, US Department of Energy, The US National Science Foundation, and other organizations.

In 2000, Al-Ekabi started Redox Technologies, Inc. (RTI) to promote the Oxidation and Reduction Technologies for In-Situ Treatment of Soil and Groundwater. In recent years, the activities of RTI were broadened to include many other remediation technologies for Site Remediation.

Al‑Ekabi has published in highly prestigious journals on four different areas: Gibberellin Photochemistry, Photophysics and Photochemistry of Biliverdin, Semiconductor Photoinduced Organic Reactions and TiO2 Photodegradation of organic compounds. He also holds two US patents. He co-edited (with the late Professor David Ollis) two books on TiO2 Photocatalysis and Advanced Oxidation Technologies: (1) Photocatalytic Purification and Treatment of Water and Air (Publisher: Elsevier, 1993 and (2) Photocatalytic and Advanced Oxidation Processes for Treatment of Air, Water, Soil and Surfaces (Publisher: Redox Technologies Inc, 2005). Al‑Ekabi has lectured in numerous conferences and has been an invited speaker in many universities and research institutes in Canada and abroad.

Al‑Ekabi has developed a strong leadership role in the environmental science and technology field and has led various international activities in this field. He has initiated, organized, and sometimes chaired over 115 international and European conferences on a variety of environmental technologies. He has also served on various organizing and scientific committees for international conferences.