Topics to be Covered by SPASEC-23 & AOTs-24



Abstracts are being solicited in the following related areas:

1) Semiconductor Photochemistry, Photoelectrochemistry and Photocatalysis, in particular for Environmental Applications: Water Treatment, Air Treatment, Self-cleaning, Disinfection, Anti-corrosion Effects, etc.

2) Development of Materials and Nanomaterials: Photocatalyst Preparation, Doping and Co-doping, Spectral Range Broadening for Solar Application, Photocatalyst-sorbent combination, novel supports for photocatalysts, etc.

3) Molecular and Nanostructured Solar Cells

4) Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Fuel Cells

5) Solar Fuel Production: e.g. H2, CH4, etc.

6) Dynamics of Photo-Induced Energy and/or Electron Transfer

7) Fundamental investigations into Semiconductors and Nanostructures: Mechanistic Studies, Modeling,Microchemical Systems, etc.

8) Biomedical Applications of Semiconductors: Sunscreens, Photodynamic Therapy, Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials, etc.

9) Technological, Environmental and Commercial Issues: Standardization, Technology Transfer, Life Cycle Assessment, Intellectual Property, Management and Economics

10) Process Development: Integration of Photocatalysis with other Technologies, Photocatalytic Lithography



1. Chemical Oxidation:
• Ozone/H2O2
• Fenton
• Permanganate
• Persulfate

2. Chemical Reduction:
• Zero-Valent Iron
• Other Reducing Agents

3. UV- Based Oxidation:
• UV/H2O2
• Vacuum UV
• Photo-Fenton
• Other Photochemical Processes

4. Regeneration of Spent Sorbents (i.e. Carbon) 
5. Non-Thermal Plasma Technologies6. Electrohydraulic Discharge Technologies
9. In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) for Treatment of Soil and Groundwater
10. In-Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) for Treatment of Soil and Groundwater
11. Radiation Chemistry: Electron Beam & Gamma Irradiation
12. Supercritical and Subcritical Water Oxidation
13. Catalytic Oxidation and Reduction Technologies
14. Electocatalytic and Electrochemical Oxidation and Reduction Technologies 
15. Nanotechnology and AOTs
16. Combined AOTs for Water Reuse
17. AOTs and Sustainability
18. AOTs in Energy Production 
19. Biological Oxidation and Reduction Technologies
20. UV – Disinfection / Chemical Disinfection
21. Integration of Oxidation with Biological Processes